How to turn your bedroom into sex room?

We all have different sex lives and that’s the reason sex is so interesting to talk about. The amount of sex you should be preferring totally depends upon whatever is best for you and your partner apart from the added benefits those are reducing stress and lowering blood pressure. Though it has more advantages also which are quite good.

The place where the sex happens “bedroom” is the place where enormous pleasure moments, emotions are being stored. Some prefer a specific room to engage in this activity as it is very much personal for their lives.

Below mentioned are some of the ways by which you can turn your spare bedroom, basement or penthouse as a sex room where you can rock on.

  • Maturity is the key

The artwork, clothes, items, and furniture which are deeply personal around this room should express self and the couple. A sexy sex room should not only be equipped with new furniture, but it should also consist real characters which makes it ultra-sexy. Moreover, it is found that the older, mature sides depiction of women rooms is sexier than younger rooms that look like a mess from college dorm. No doubt, women are sexier than girls and after being in a relationship maturity quotient will enormously increase for the couple who gives a thought about sex room.

  • A good bed is a must

Investing in a good bed is a must, as most of pleasure moments are aroused here only. This does not mean that one has to spend a hefty amount, but taking care of this buying decision, by spending what you can, and making an attachment of comfort with your bed is the foremost need. A bog no-no for storing anything under your bed. It’s not a box and doesn’t use it like one.

  • Innovative lanterns and candles in your kitty

Innovative candles always carry a romantic feeling and for a good reason. The softness, warmness and sexy aura it casts is lovely. The looks of everyone is beautiful in candlelight. For an innovative approach, one can put candles inside the lantern that will cast soothing shadows and light on the walls. One more update about a scented candle that it will be too much for a bedroom as they can be at too close range. And the low quality scented candles can ruin the mood totally, so beware before using the scented candles in your pleasure sex room. The inclusion of vintage lantern can be of great mood making. Those give a blunt touch to space which is quite preferable.

  • Keep it quiet

Particularly, in a sex room, peace and quiet denote efficient importance. Reflection of privacy, coziness and intimacy is foremost. It communicates privacy, intimacy, and coziness. The simple addition of lot of fabric can be used to dampen the sound whether it will noisiest or not. The heavy lifting of noise can be eradicated by the use of heavy, tall curtains and a good rug or wall to wall carpet can be included. The sound can be absorbed with the use of headboards while you are in bed. Armchairs can also be added to give it a soft touch and also it can absorb sound at most.

  • The friend of sex – mirrors

Though the mirrors may make someone feel self-conscious, it is worth taking risk, especially in the sex room. New heights of attachment can be attained when you both watch yourselves in the mirrors while doing the romantic stuff which is quite catalyst for sexual activities. Include the large moving mirrors in the room which is an additional advantage.

  • Top-notch music is mandatory for sex session

Every sex room deserves a good soundtrack to boost the mood. There should be no need to go bananas when there is a mood to listen songs generates, you will be finding the sources or app to play the song. There should be playlist of favourites which appeals you and your partner, looking for music that is about love and union. A big no-no for those tracks which shows about independence and freedom. Songs those are, bit of groovy stuff and the golden collection of your choice should be included in the playlist.

  • Toys and kinky stuff

The toys and kinky stuff will enable to get going when there is the right mood of foreplay. One can include them in a good way to catalyst the pleasure with the consent of companion.

  • Inclusion of slippery fabric sateen

When your skin is hot and stimulating with the desire then a pair of really nice sheets to be rubbed on is sexier enough, moreover, these sheets should be cleaned. Everyone enjoys regular cotton, linen and sateen sheets which are used widely. The high quality of sateens is no doubt a winning material above all other. Arousal is on another level when good quality sheets are used which is quite preferable in the sex room.

  • Hygiene is foremost

Cleanliness is one of the most important aspects to be taken care off, even if you don’t want to anything specific or fashionable, hygiene is taken care off. When everything is found ok, unclean surfaces can switch off the mood as the first thing a person senses whether he is conscious or unconscious. The floor should be vacuumed, clothes to kept folded and away and all the surfaces should be cleaned even under the bed. As in the activities when one is being in that zone of romanticise, order and cleanliness act as a stepping stone to get wild and into each other.

  • Keep it soft and soothing

The softness of touch is an important sense which you have to consider in the sex room. The top-quality mattress under your body, a warm rug for your feet and a soft, dry large towel to cover him or her up in will take you to the other level which can increase the romantic emotions.

  • Use of warm colours but not in excess

Stimulating colours are more preferable than cool colours when there is a matter of personal things comes. Sex room is that super personal thing, as cool colours are not hot. The mid-route between warm and cool colours should be taken. Lavender, tans, chic colours, hue of pink and warm greens should be included in the colour patterns of the room which stimulates the atmosphere as well as the mind setup. Natural colours also make a great combination.

  • Lighting is important

The sex room should be trendy and can be used for easy use. The specific arrangement should consist of two reading lamps and one lamp that is opposite to them. The reference should be taken from a good hotel setup which enables to have good lighting the bed, which provides soft illuminated with low, indirect light, which gives a soft visual touch before moving into pleasurable situations.

  • Resist tech-savvy gadgets

All of the non-bedroom activities should be kept outside the sex room, as that is the most to-do stuff to be done. The technologically oriented appliances should be kept outside as it kills the space. Make sure that the sex room is a retreat apart from the all other stuff which you do in your life or profession. Make it your inner haven where you can be in different romantic zone.

At last, if u want to convert your bedroom into sex-room then the right state of mind and the consensus of both the partners should be taken. With that only, you can give importance to the pleasure generation of the other half. As the mood-setting and foreplay are foremost in sex and to attain orgasms the elements which are placed in the room plays an important role. Below are the short points which can be considerate while transitioning of your bedroom to sex room.

  • Minimal tech-savvy gadgets inclusion
  • Innovative and kinky dimensional wallpapers should be used
  • Furnish with Drapes and curtains
  • Carpeting should be done wall to wall
  • Your taste should be reflected
  • Spend on luxury beds
  • Shimmer shades on walls should be considered
  • Curtains which are opaque should be used
  • Over-pillowing should not be done
  • Prioritize on love
  • The sequential texture should be introduced
  • Opt for innovative candles
  • Small velvet pillows are in trend
  • Dim lighting with a shimmering hue

Though the whole idea of converting a bedroom into sex room is a hard one as it needs lavish house. Where you can use it as personal asset. Children and another person should be avoided, as it very personal to the couple. Also, it contains those moments which are on top-notch regarding the romanticize, emotions and other pleasant moments.

One of the main desired parts is that you should have equipped with an extra bedroom in the house which can be used as sex room. Though, some people use the basement and penthouse as their romantic playground.

Don’t wait and with the help of this article, just plan a sex room of yours which can give you some extra pleasure. Good luck!!

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