Where to Get Inspiration for Your Own Sex Dungeon

If you’ve finally decided to build your dream sex dungeon but don’t exactly know how to begin, let us tell you that it’s actually quite easy. Your secret play doesn’t need to be as big or as extravagant as Christian’s famous playroom in “50 Shades.” With a little creativity and inspiration, you could build the perfect space for fucking, sucking, submission, spanking, rough sex, and all kinds of nasty pleasures!

Join BDSM Clubs 

You can learn a lot by example if you get in touch with the BDSM community. There are so many kinksters in the world! You might not know that the community is actually incredibly helpful and fun to explore. So this first tip can apply to just about anything related to BDSM play, but it’s especially helpful if you’re building a dungeon. 

Namely, if you visit BDSM clubs or fetish bars, you can meet other Doms and subs who preferably have a lot more experience than you. The best individuals to ask are the ones who have been to multiple sex dungeons or have even built their own. They can give you inside tips on setting up your playroom, as well as acquiring sex furniture, toys, and accessories. If you can, put on your nipple clamps and join them for a night out in a fetish bar.

What’s more, it’s always helpful to have a buddy or two who shares your dark obsession. If they’re pros, they can share their knowledge on the best gear and how to use it correctly on your slaves. Plus, you’ll also get to listen to some nasty stories or even meet a dirty sub slut who is desperate for some rigorous training.


Pinterest provides a great way for you to find ideas for home decoration, furniture, clothing accessories, and all things fashion. But, it also doubles as a fantastic porn site for BDSM fans. Simply do some simple search for BDSM-related images, and you’ll see what we mean. Look up some boards on the most effective restraints, the best knot types, the hottest beds, and other furniture, etc. Also, there are plenty of ideas on building things like flogger/whip hangers, sex toy chests, secret playroom entrances, etc. 

And since there is so much inspiration on this platform, you could sign up and pin the images that you like to your dungeon board. You’ll quickly have a library full of kinky ideas! Later on, you’ll be able to sift through them and see what you really like or dislike. 

Home Furniture Shops

The next step would be to visit some furniture stores and look for things that would suit you. 

You’ll be surprised to know there’s a lot of stuff out there that you can easily purchase without any weird looks from the staff. What’s more, it’s possible to convert regular pieces of furniture into full-on torture machines with a little creativity. Simply look for all things leather! That includes various benches, chairs, or lounge chairs, etc. They are perfect for spanking, bondage, sex toy experiments, etc. 

Moreover, you could get a nice wooden table, stools, ottomans/trunks, a floor mat, and more. Need a cage for your little slave? Get a regular closet with slats. That will keep your bitch locked up until you come to show them who’s boss! Don’t forget some sexy sheets and bedding or basically anything that catches your attention. 

Another trick is to visit IKEA or similar DIY furniture shops like Home Depot. The pieces that you can get there can be heavily modified for BDSM purposes. For instance, you can drill some holes in the wood for magic wands or cocks, attach some hinges for ropes/chains, etc. 

Kinky Movies 

The “Fifty Shades of Grey” dungeon is definitely the most legendary playroom that was ever shown on film. It’s quite extravagant, and that could intimidate some newbies. However, even if your playroom is smaller, you can still take inspiration from the Red Room. Other movies that could illuminate you are “The Secretary,” “Story of O,” “The Pet,” “Nymphomaniac,” and others. All of those feature scenes in BDSM rooms or sexy interiors. 

Of course, there’s another field of cinematography that is simply brimming with creativity. The next time you’re watching some kinky fetish porn, just keep your hands off your cock, pussy, or dildos. Pay attention to the performers’ surroundings. There’s a lot to be learned here, from the most effective use of furniture to the kinkiest positions and all sorts of BDSM acts. 

Firstly, check out how pro directors use simple and improvised settings/equipment for the maximum effect. Both professional and amateur footage will give you a ton of ideas. Focus on the use of beds, benches, ropes, and many other devices. Moreover, in amateur porn, you’ll see how regular people use their homes as dungeons. Most amateur sex rooms will actually look far less complicated compared to the Red Room. Another tip is to check out what people are using to keep their furniture clean. You’ll see a lot of towels and blankets for fluid absorption, for example. 

However, if you’re taking inspiration from porn or other movies, remember that some activities may be unsafe. If you want to try something that you’ve seen, learn about the proper safety precautions first. 

Erotic Art Galleries 

Finally, erotic art is full of BDSM themes. Many artists can depict group scenes, close-ups, and they can focus a lot on the human body, BDSM equipment, background, and surroundings in their paintings. 

If you can find an erotic art gallery in your area, definitely check it out. Some of the paintings will inspire you to determine what you like and what you could possibly try with your sub. Plus, erotic art will provide you with a different perspective compared to movies and porn. It’s also not a bad idea to purchase some paintings and hang them up in your playroom. That type of art can be quite classy, and it can set the mood perfectly. 

Conversely, if you can’t find a gallery, look up some pieces online. There’s plenty of inspiration in how various different cultures interpret erotic art. That includes Japanese Shunga art, Greek sculptures, and similar. When it comes to contemporary erotic art, there are a lot of fantastic pieces on Instagram from artists like LukeWarmBabyCarrot, Eromaticax, Kristen Liu-Wong, Frida Castelli, etc. 

That’s It!

See? It’s not that difficult! Simply follow our tips and get creative. You’ll quickly be able to build a secret dungeon that you can use to train your worthless slave and make them follow your every command! 

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