How an Architect and an Interior Designer are Different?

Every individual’s dream is made of a big house, good bank balance, and a secured job. When you get a job and achieve the things you want to, the first thing you decide to do is to buy a house of your OWN. We all want our house to be structured, functional, fancy, pleasant and appealing. And here the role of an Architect and an Interior Designer comes in play. But not many people are well informed about the difference between these two professions and often get confused, whom to call for designing and whom to call for structural issues.

Architecture and interior designing are two different fields of work which has different significance in the world. One plan for the building and the other designs the whole interior of any particular building.

Hence, before ambling on to any of these professions, you should know the difference between them. We will take you through these differences and also tell you how you can be an architect or an interior designer.

Who is an Architect?

An Architect is a person who is responsible for planning and designing buildings. An Architect is an individual that works for building different structures in variety for governmental as well as private structures. The technical requirements are the main point to focus on an architect.

The field of Architecture is a lot more treated as an organization. The different site components, as well as this discipline, is concerned about the structural organization of the building. The design of building internal as well as external aspect is an important part of this space of work.

They are trained to create a program for a building or space with a different kind of variation required in that particular space. An architect plans the basic structure of the building that includes the configuration of halls, dining room, kitchen, garden. The job of an architect is to ensure that appropriate space is rewarded to various spaces in any building under the client’s requirements.

Role of an architect in industry

  • The field of architecture has to be more concerned with the representation of culture, society, and traditions of that particular site.
  • The workflow of an architect is dealing with the site visits and basic researches about that particular site to plan all the working process smoothly.
  • After the research process, an architect starts working on designs which include, many iterations, sketch model, different sketches and then comes a collection of writing including presentations.
  • After the presentations and all preparations, now, the construction procedure gets initiated.
  • The architects have to work in-depth includes site visits, researches, planning and then construction.
  • The various types of projects can deal with small scale, big scale, presidency project, big community centres, etc.

Who is an Interior Designer?

The professionals who use their creativity of artistic sense for determining the design as well as look for the interior space of any building are known as interior designers. Aesthetics, style, design and with the contemplation of mood in any interior spaces are the basic concern of any interior designer. It is a classic discipline in which the crafted collaborations with engineers and architects help to produce the best creation.

These professionals try to optimize the same program for the function of the space. Their sense of creativity can affect the well-being of the person or guests of that creation. Likewise, the interior designers are related to curation of inside things which can bring spatial experience.

The furnishing and accessorizing the empty spaces within buildings in compliance with applicable building and safety codes, creation of illustrations, pattern, renderings while selecting and specifying the alignment of fixtures, products, materials, and colours are the basic responsibility of an interior designer. They are trained to create a functional and quality interior environment and design the place to beautify the site.

Role of an Inrerior Designer

  • The combination of skills of an interior designer can be utilized to create multifunctional alluring designs in interior.
  • These designers prefer to give advice and even they get paid according to the creativity of their advice.
  • The skills of designers generally fit into the requirement of the client.
  • This profession is associated with layout and variety in the configuration of interior space such as the installation of kitchen, bathroom, and surfaces.
  • It is sometimes called space designing.
  • Interior designer should possess the skill of styling and decoration sense to stand out from the crowd.
  • Their main job is to craft the blend of colours and alluring designs in the interior space so that boredom cannot set in.

Different Between an Architect and an Interior Designer

Architects and Interior Designers are professional who is responsible for developing and designing the plan of building or structures.

  • Both professions rely on some of the same skills to develop their plans for design, but they use their creativity to perform different designs and functions. There are many aspects which make these professions different from each other. Both professions differ based on their training, what they focus on, and what they design.
  • The primary difference between their centres on what they design. Architects design buildings, while Interior Designers uses the furnishing components such as furniture, other accessories to create the desired look internally in the building. An architect has to prepare the design of the building while an interior designer crafts the interior of a fully prepared building.
  • Architects are more focused on technical requirements like form, material, climate, lighting, ventilation, flooring, etc. On the other hand, Interior Designers pay attention to human psychology and emotional aspects of spaces.
  • If an Interior Designer is given the project of a house, they decide then drawing-room, which sofa is to be kept in, which type of curtains would go well with the sofa, what should be the colour and patterns of curtains, what colour theme should be followed in the house, where should differents items be placed and so on.
  • For instance: if someone wants their house to go with more greens and eco friendly then the interior designer tries to understand the mindset of the person and then decode the house according to their requirements like more paintings should be used to enhance the look of the house, more accessories are required to balance the room like clocks, vases.etc. For it to be more greeny, more flower vases and plants pot should be used.

Which career is best between both?

Generally, both of the careers can give you the best opportunities in life but according to majority consent of career point of view, architecture can enclose interior designing also. An architect can be able to practice the role of interior designer also without any issue while an interior designer will not be able to perform the role of an architect.

The interior designer course has a high range of fees and in comparison provides less range of ability. So, according to some researches, architecture can be better to pursue as it can identify the hiding capabilities inside you while performing the projects

Both of the profession gets equal exposure to present their skill and creativity.

Architects have to hold a high standard because of the tasks they have to perform such as they have to fulfill the vision of protection of health, safety, and social welfare through their creations. Interior designing as a career solely focuses on the client’s requirement, they won’t have to keep an eye on the social causes and its safety. The interior designing course can offer a variety of work but to pursue the same, we think 4 year is a long term.

Architects have to prove their worth through the exams to gain their license to continue the practice. They have to qualify 7 to 8 hours of the exam as well as an oral session of the exam before a judging panel of three members. On the gap of two years, they have to renew their license with some amount of state fee to keep on practicing. While interior designers do not have to clear any such exams or marking procedure to prove their worth in society.

While keeping on these factors in the mind, one should go on to pursue architecture as a career option.

In a nutshell

To gain experience and exposure, after completing your degree course you can work with senior Interior Designers. If you want to be good in this field, in addition to the creative and artistic talent, you need to be able to pay close attention to the client’s details and possess strong communication skills.

Both of the fields of work pertains the specific significance in the industry. Most of the people tend to get confused in both of these professions. But, we have tried to clear the clutter between the same duo. Many wonders in this world have been made in the guidance of proper architect and interior designers. The combination both can produce some of the best architectural models globally.

With the help of this article, we hope that now you people are clear about architecture and designing and the difference between these two professions. If you think you are one of them who pertains these talents, then get up and work on it to get a mind-blowing future.

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