How to design your room to have more sexual vibes?

The evolutionary history of human is centered around the concept of recreation and struggle for survival. The sense of sexuality changes with time and it is an ongoing phenomenon that is what the over 200,000 years of human history tells us. Sex finds prominence among the four human drive states suggested by noted Neuro-psychologist Karl Pribram. The drive states motivate humans to accomplish goals linked to survival. Among all the drives namely the feeding, fighting, fleeing and sex the last one is the biggest determinant that drives our thought, feeling, and behavior.

It has been scientifically proven that sex helps you regain the balance of mind, body and soul. The dopamine, produced by the hypothalamus, is released when we do things that feel good to us which in turn affects the reward pathway of the brain. If you feel attracted to someone, dopamine and related hormone norepinephrine is released which in turn makes us feel excited, energetic and euphoric. Another hormone, Oxytoxin—released during sex— helps in strengthening the boding. Melatonin, the main hormone that controls the body clock, also released along with the Oxytoxin helps your brain to calm.

Now you know how the mind and body along with chemicals work in harmony to make your life better. You can make your moment exponentially better if you create a prefect stimulating atmosphere for sex. Here are some of the time tested ways to make your bedroom perfect for memorable sex:

Tips to Design Sexiest Bedroom

Your pursuit of happiness, prosperity and good health depends heavily on a sexual relationship with your partner. In your pursuit the bedroom becomes extremely important as this is the place you where intimacy, love, relaxation and reproduction flourish. Here are some of the tips that you need to keep in mind while designing your bedroom:

  • Make it Mature

Your aura gets influenced by your surroundings. Your personal space is an extension of yourself, so while designing your bedroom you should pay special attention to the mood and sentiment of the room. Whether it is color of the wall, furniture, artworks, clothes or bed all should have an element of maturity in it. Every item in your room should have some character, specially focused on arousal and relaxation. It should give the feeling of cuddle and surrender.

  • Keep Work Away from Bedroom

Your bedroom is a place where one should not get bothered about worldly tensions, so remove all possible cues that could distract your partner from the intimate moment. Even if you are a d worker and your work from everywhere, keep your stuffs away at least while you are with your partner in your bedroom. Let all your hormones get its climax so that you could cherish the moment.

  • Bed Matters Most

Frankly, once you are in the mood to have those precious moments with your partner and lights go dim, nothing counts. Ultimately, the only thing that counts is the comfort of your bed. You simply cannot ignore the quality of your bed to remind you through the irritating noise in those moments. It is not about the luxury, but a necessity.

  • Balanced Lighting

As it is said, light, sound & action. For the perfect action your bedroom should have balanced light. Actually, there should be enough light with control in your hand to slowly move it from bright to dim and ultimately to darkness. In ideal bedroom, there should be three points light, two reading lights by the side of the bed and one in front. If possible, try to control the flow of external lights in your room. We love open rooms, but when it comes intimate moments the soft light triggers you to be in action.

  • Burning Candles

Say it evolutionary conditioning or simply the psychological cue, the burning candle or simply some fire is known to act positively on your mood to trigger sexual emotions. Candles are strongly linked to the romance, let the fire burn and trigger the passion. The soft and warm felling helps you build the mood. If your partner is specific about natural scent, you can opt for scented candles.

  • Color Balance

When you are finalizing the color of the walls of your bedroom, try to find the balance between warm and soft. Both the extremes are a complete no no for bedrooms as this creates an extreme mood contrasts. If sleep is the priority, go for the white as they are not hot and stimulating. You can get good contrast of color with slight play of light. Avoid bright red and go for lavender, warm brown, warm greens, browns, rose and tans. There is no alternative of natural colors.

  • Make it Soundproof

The bedroom is all about peace and privacy. You need to pay special attention on noise control factors, when designing your bedroom. If your room is soundproof, you feel the freedom during sex. That extra load of control in climax kills the urge to be in action for long. You can use several sound proofing methods starting from wall foam to heavy curtains. Let your designer know about your requirements, he will make it sure that your room remains peaceful and private.

  • Miracle of Music

It has been scientifically proven the musical frequencies helps you trigger same set of hormones that sex triggers. Your romantic music collections could help you get in the mood and prepare yourself for the joy ride. If you are in the mood to have marathon sex then make your list and play it in background in very soft sound. Of course, you should not break your momentum to change the track. Be particular about your list, as you are not alone, you need think about your partner as well.

  • Add Comfort and Softness in Bed

Sense and sensation work like miracle. The comfort, softness, smoothness that you get from your bed makes a huge difference in triggering your passion. So, don’t hesitate to add an extra element of softness and comforts in your bed. This is where your own choice matters most. Select things as you wish with comfort in mind.

  • Reflective Climax of Sex

The bedroom is your personal space, so make it extra personal by adding a body size mirror on the wall. We love to see self in action. If the mirror is at the right place, little reflection could help you seek more pleasure. This is what the mirror does; it pushed you to look more beautiful. Well, it is likely that your partner might not be too self-conscious type, so be careful about that aspect.

  • Temperature Control

You need to have control over the temperature of your bedroom. Your body simply switches of all sex triggers if the temperature isn’t optimum enough. In either of the extremes, the body goes into survival mode, keeping the higher needs of pleasure and happiness at bay. Although temperature comfort varies from person to person, but the best for the quality sex is the 67-70 degrees Fahrenheit or the 19-21 degrees Celsius.

  • Keep Massage Oil

Muscular mobility is the key behind memorable sex. It is great if all begins with the sensual massage using good quality oil to trigger sensation. This helps you get out of the worldly complexities and stay focused on bodily pleasure. The smoothness slippery feeling takes you to the new high. There is no limits on type of massage oils, choose as you wish, but do keep it in your bedroom.

  • Sex Toys For Extreme Pleasure

The human body is perfectly equipped with lips, hands, genitals, and tongue to fulfill any kind of bodily need. If you are looking for some extreme pleasure, keep collection of some modern toys like vibrators. The clitoral stimulation helps you get the orgasmic high. Your bedroom should have some of those toys so that you could get yourself self-stimulated prior to those intimate moments with your partner.

  • Clean Sex

Your bedroom should always remain clean with highest hygiene standards. You spend one-third of your life here, so it is your responsibility to make it airy and clean. The natural freshness along with good maintenance helps you be in the mood to explore new heights of personal relationship. Keep all dirty or used clothes away in laundry space. A relationship is all about surrendering in purity, you need a clean space to let yourself loose and explore the depth of relationship.

  • Flavor of Sex

Thirst and hunger are the most fundamental human needs. If it is gratified, it moves to the next level gratification seeking. So, keep water nearby to keep yourself hydrated. If your bedroom space permits, do keep some fruits ready on the table. Of course, dark chocolates are always great. A good quality drink could do wonders.

In this life of pace, the quality time is a rare commodity. Your bedroom is the place where you could get those quality times. So, when you are designing your bedroom keep openness, freshness, and above all the character of the room in mind. The focus should be in making the bedroom sacred, with temperature, light and sound control so that you could get maximum pleasure of sexual action in peace.

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