Design essentials for your first sex room

Physical relationships are all about the passion and the kind of vigour it brings along. While some like to keep it vanilla, some like to get spanked. There are some who like a mixture of both. Anything is fine till it is consensual and enjoyed by both (or more) partners involved. If you are indulging your time building your very first sex room, there are some things you need to keep in mind.

You need to pay close attention to every last detail to ensure that you don’t get diverted through the process. If this is the first time of you doing this, chances are that you will forget things. But, don’t worry; we are here to help you out with just that.

Keep these in mind before starting

Before you start preparing for the room that will hold all the passion, you need to do your homework. It isn’t something ground breaking of earth shattering. It is making a list of all the rundowns that you will need to take care of.

Doing this will ensure that you don’t miss out on important things in the last moment. For the best results, keeping a list written can help round with this even more so.

Ask your partner

Until and unless you are in a Dom/Sub relationship wherein the Dom is making all the decisions, you need to ask your partner. It is important to make everyone feel comfortable with the changes in the room. The last thing you want is to end up alarming someone.

Asking ensures that you are keeping the other person’s wishes and desires into consideration as well. This helps build a better bond with your partner as well. It is important to not just think about your reds and greens but theirs as well.

Prepare the sex room in a way that reflects both of your personality.

Plan the layout

Before you start building the room or hire someone to get it done, it is important that you plan ahead of time. More than anything, this is a necessity.

Having a concrete plan will make it easier for you to buy the essentials. Designing the first room as such can be a tedious task. Take inspiration from other sources and bring together your idea on the table.

Knowing the things that you want and will need ensures to help you plan a budget as well that you will need. Even if you have ample money to spare, having a planned budget ensures you don’t end up wasting the money.

See why budgeting is important in this article

If required, talk to an expert who is well aware of interiors and designing. Getting their inputs can further help you get a better notion of how well things can work out.

Pick up the essentials

The next thing to practice before you end up building the sex room is to invest on the things that will be needed for the room.

Online shopping or even going out to the stores seems like a good option. If possibly, tally the prices before you end up making the final purchase. This will help provide with better outlook on the final purchases and you will save money as well.

Don’t rush through the buying process because that will help no one. If you want the best for your room and for it to represent the vision you had, taking time with the purchases is necessary.

Select a theme

Before you build the room and design, it is important that you pick a theme for the room as well. Some people are into dark stuff, some people like role playing and some are also indulgent into age kink.

Whatever you and your partner are into, make sure that you do focus on choosing a theme surrounding that. It isn’t going to be the easiest process but look up things online for the much needed inspirations.

How to get started with the designing?

Once you have gotten ready with all the prerequisites, the next thing that you need to do is start working on your plan.

As we did mention before, the process of designing your first sex room isn’t going to be a cakewalk.

It will take up quite a lot of time and effort on your part to get the work done without any hindrance.

For this, you need to follow through some of the effective steps that we are about to mention around.

Let’s get this rolling, shall we?

Talk to a professional

The very first and possibly the most important thing that you need to do while designing your sex room is to consult a professional.

Given that the room is so similar to the other parts around, it is important that you take expert advice on it.

It isn’t suggested that you start it by yourself, unless you are an interior designer but for the most part, it is best to talk to someone with proper experience in the field.

This will help you get an outsider perspective on the situation which is always good. For the most part, it is best suggested that you have your own vision in mind.

You can tell them about your thoughts and the requirements and ask them to prepare the layout around it.

It is important that you have your two cents in the final decision. Because, after all, you and your partner (s) will be the one enjoying the luxury of the room.

It is necessary that you add in all the elements before you approach a professional. Having a sorted list around the same ensures the best results in the end.

You want the room to look completely different from the rest of the house. The same is not just in terms of the layout but also the look and feel of the room. Hiring a professional will ensure that the same is kept in check and you get what you want in the end.

Look into detailing

The sex room isn’t just about the toys. Yes, they do play an integral role but that is not everything.

This is something you need to understand while designing the room. Filling every nook and corner of the room with that will end up overwhelming your partner. That is not something you want or need.

For the best outcome in the end, it is best suggested that you focus on looking into the detailing mentioned in it. It isn’t the easiest process, quite the contrary actually, so make sure you have everything sorted first.

When we are talking about detailing, it is all about the colour of the walls and the flooring too. In a way, you want this room to match with the theme of the house but at the same time, be different as well. It might sound complicated but trust us, it isn’t that way.

During the process of selecting the floors and the colour of the walls, consider the kind that you would want to stick around for a long term.

Picking darker themes is always the best option as it complements well with the mood and the theme of the entire room as well.

Focus on the ambience

When designing the room, apart from the basic essentials, the one thing that you just can’t comprise with is the ambience around the room.

If you want some wild action happening inside, you need to ensure that you have an ambience to complement it. It is true that the experience isn’t always going to be the best but at least the room will look nice.

It is very important that you do attain your focus on that because the way you set the environment is important for a sex room.

Start by picking out lightings for the room. This is an essential step. Once the lighting is picked out, focus on having the sheets and the curtains. Make sure that everything matches well with the theme that you have going on.

If you are going for a starking red 50 Shades Of Grey vibe, keep everything in the spectrum of black and red. This will further contribute to the overall look and feel of the room.

Another important thing that you can focus on is the fact that you swerve out some accessories here and there. By accessories, we mean some scented candles and some clothing that are meant just for the actions happening inside the room.

This isn’t necessarily the easiest to plan and execute but taking inspirations can help shape it up well.

You may find the means of finding inspirations in this article.

Buy the toys

The next and possibly the most integral part of the room are the toys. You need a wide range of toys that both you and your partners are comfortable with. If you want to build a separate sex room, chances are that you would want to explore your kinks.

For that, you need to ensure that you get your hands on the best toys available. It isn’t the easiest to do, to be honest but finding toys online has become a lot easier.

You can actually get a wide variety online that you can choose from. If required, talk to your partner about the process as well. Let them in through with the kind of experiences they want to have.

Make sure that you are getting yours from a well reputed outlet to not end up getting scammed on with the quality of the product.

Practice safety

With the sex rooms, sometimes, things can get out of hand. If you want to practice safety, it is important that you have all the resources for the same.

This is something that you have sorted out while designing the room itself. It won’t take you long but the end results are definitely going to leave you baffled.

Having a safety measure planned out ensures better outlets for both you and your partner. Keep all the necessities like soothing lotion, bandages and disinfectants handy for aftercare.

Maintain the temperature

Given that things are going to get pretty steamy in the room, you want the room itself to stay cold.

And by cold, we don’t mean Antarctica cold but something that’s soothing and peaceful. It is very important to ensure that you install the necessary cooling equipments to ensure a very peaceful night.

Lack of proper temperature can end up affecting both of your moods which is why this is a necessity above anything else.

If it gets too cold, chances are that there could be issues with erection, so keep that in mind as well.

We are mentioning this now to bring to your notice so you don’t end up forgetting this in the end. Know that it is a necessity above anything else.

Have a music outlet

This is the last important thing you need to focus on. Majority of the people building a sex room don’t need music as what they indulge in is wild and passionate.

But, if you are someone who likes to indulge in some, having some music thrown into the mix can further be an additional benefit.

For this, you need to have all the necessary speakers and such installed. If you don’t want any kind of sounds going out, you need to sound proof the room as well.

This accounts for yet another important part of the design. It is important that you do focus on getting these things in place for yourself.

Soft and serene music or playlists like that work amazing to get you and your partner in the mood. So, if you want music while you are practicing some physical intimacy, that needs to be planned ahead.

While designing your very first sex room, there are a number of things that you need to keep in mind. From planning the layout to discussing the theme, the process is extensive. For the best outcomes, you need to be invested through with the process. You want the room to look exactly like what you envisioned it to be. For that, you need to plan ahead.


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