Interior design considerations if you plan to live with your partner

The art of enhancing the interior space of a building into a pleasing environment as per the individual’s taste is called interior designing. An interior designer prepares the layout of how the space should be designed, selects the color for the wall, decides the type of furniture that would fit into the space and picks the lights that would light up the space just perfectly. He has the right solution for every interior space of a building.

It is the creativity of the designer which makes the space look more appealing. There are different types of interior design and specialization.

  • Residential:

The interior designer helps the individual to customize the look of the interiors of their home. The designer collects the idea of how the individual aims to design their home, and then designs it as per the individual’s personality, their choices, and their styling goals. The designer plans everything keeping the security part in their mind. The interior space is so designed that it gives the individual a sense of “feeling at home”.

  • Commercial:

A commercial designer designs the interiors of the public spaces such as office, hotel, restaurant, library, museum and community centers. They have a variety of opportunities to work for; however, their task is also difficult. When they design the public spaces, they have to keep into mind about the entire public mass. People with varied tastes go to the public spaces, so it is a tricky task to prepare the spot attractive for all.

When the commercial designer designs office spaces, they have to design it with the mindset of an employee. They need to design it such a way that it is appealing to the employee and promotes positive vibes. That is because; office is the place where a person spends 8 hours of their everyday life. Again when a designer designs a hotel or a restaurant, they need to do it from customer prospective. Customers with diverse choices walk in and out every day. The interiors should be so much pleasing, that the customers should tend to come to that place often. Again, a school has to be designed as per the needs of children with all the vivid colors on the walls to grab attention.

  • Heath care:

Nowadays, hospitals are not as boring as it used to be before. The hospitals are designed in such a way so that they can promote patient’s health. Designing a hospital is again not easy. In a hospital, not only there are patients, but there are family members accompanying them. So the hospital has to be so designed that it suffices the need of both. A healthy environment and quality care teams up to make the patient healthy. Hence the designer designs the hospitals, which enhance the environment. The colors on the wall, the wallpapers, the pictures displayed, the lights, everything should sync in so beautifully, so that it soothes the patient’s eyes and they feel positive inside.

  • Exhibitions:

Exhibitions are a display of any items that would be of interest to the public. The trade shows, zoos, museums, retail shops, etc are places of exhibitions. The people visit these exhibition spots to gather knowledge, see and understand them and sometimes buy the stuff that is displayed there. Hence the primary job of an interior designer here is to see how well the stuff can be displayed so that they can grab attention of the visitors. They plan the display in such a manner so that most of the stuff is visible and the visitor has access to them. That is because; you get better knowledge from touch and feel.

Here, in this article we would focus mainly on the home designing. As discussed earlier, the designer plans and designs the home as per the individual’s choice and. And while designing it, they have to keep different aspects in their mind. All the rooms of a house have to be designed individually so that the room space can be used to its optimal. The different rooms of the house are:

  • Bedroom:The room where an individual takes rest or sleeps after a whole day’s work. Generally, this room is occupied by the inhabitants of the house and the guests are not always welcome here. So this room is that personal space that needs to be designed keeping the residents’ choice in mind.
  • Living room:This room is the mostly exposed to the guests or visitors of the house. The decoration of the living room makes an impression about the inhabitants staying there. Hence this area has to be appealing yet somber, so that the guests feel comfortable.
  • Kitchen and eating area:This is one of the most visited spaces during a day. Hence, this has to be so designed that the things are easily accessible. If you want to reach out to the cooked food or want to grab an apple to eat, you would want to get easily without much hassle. Hence the furniture or shelves should be designed in a user-friendly manner with maximum visibility to the available things.
  • Bathroom:Bathroom is also the relaxation area of the house. People feel refreshed after taking a shower or get relaxed after taking a splurge at the bathtub. The water and dry area should be divided, proper ventilation setup and the required amount of light; all these things should be considered at the time of designing a bathroom.
  • Balconies:People use the balcony many a times during the day. Hence, it should be so designed that people should enjoy spending time there alone or maybe with a companion. Flower pots and plants can make the area livelier and promote oxygen intake.

So, you see when the rooms are designed as per their individuality and need, they make great spaces to live in. Staying alone and staying with your partner are two different things. Hence, the designs of the house also differ for single occupant and double occupant. Let’s discuss few things which should be considered while designing the home where you live with your partner.

  • Agree on the design:Talk to your partner and be open about your choices to each other. Both of you should understand what each other want and agree to a mutual design. You can decide on the style that best defines you as a couple. When the design is sorted, mutually decide the color of the walls and pick the furniture which attracts both. You can check the designs on the magazines or over the internet to get a more interesting one.

  • Get more storage for your things and space for yourself:When you stay alone, you need not require many closets or storage space. However, once to decide to move in with your partner, this is something that you should focus on, so that your house remains well maintained. If proper closets are not in place, things would be scattered here and there and your house may look like a dump yard. Increase the number of closets for both of your clothes, shoes, official things, drinks, food, etc. At the same time, also do not congest your walking space with the furniture. Decide on how many are actually required and then arrange space for them so that they become an obstruction.
  • Decorate the walls with your pictures:It might be difficult for both of you to agree on a piece of art, but you will probably agree to put up your pictures as a couple. Therefore, when you do not find the appropriate artwork for your wall (See many wall decor ideas in this Freshome article), get the pictures of the moments that you have spent together and put them up on the wall as couple’s artwork. Be particular about the pictures that you intend to put up. Select the ones that have lots of memories, so that when you see them, you may lighten up your sad mood. The frames on which the photos would be hanged should also be matching with the colors of the wall.
  • Decorate walls with the things that you buy when you travel: We usually collect souvenir when you travel to different places. Try to decorate the walls of the rooms, the wardrobe and the refrigerator with those souvenirs. Those work as the memories and let you go back to those beautiful places. You also tend to remember those happy times spent together as a couple.
  • Remove the duplicate items:When you move in together, you have some common items from your individual living. Get rid of those items and make space in your house. For example, beds, sofa sets, televisions, refrigerators etc.
  • Plan your personal space: As you have lived alone for several years, you might still want that personal space when you stay together with your partner. It is always better to plan such a space in your new home as well. A space where you can maybe read a book alone with a hot cup of coffee uninterruptedly.

If you are planning to move with your partner the above mentioned points would help you to design your house as per a couple’s need. A well designed house is simply priceless.


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