Practical And Stylish Interior Design Tips For New Couples Moving In Together

Moving in together is a big step. It can make or break your relationship. There are many pitfalls to watch out for. One of the biggest problems new couples have is finding it hard to deal with their significant others living habits.

Maybe they leave things out? Don’t tidy up after themselves? This stuff might seem small, but let it fester and it could spell the end of love.

Well, worry no more! We reached out to a series of interior design experts and have compiled a list of the best tips and tricks to help turn your house from a potential source of conflict to a relaxing space that can provide a comfortable abode to spend time with your loved one.

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#1 Getting Appropriate Storage

For the items, you DO need – get appropriate storage for each thing you need to store there.

For small places: hooks for hanging items cute wall-mounted storage systems and over the door hanging system.

All of the storage and hanging options you can get should MATCH and look cohesive to each other and should go with the style and color of the room they are in. Don’t skimp and get ugly plastic bins and hooks – put thought into it like any other piece of your home.

#2 Be Smart And Use Your Wall Space

If you have a small place or with two people’s things it feels small – get things off the ground and use that wall space! you get almost anything in a wall mounted version including desks, plants, and bookshelves.

#3 Couples Artwork

Both people in the couple may not always like the same kind of art. But what you both can probably agree on is art about the couple. Get nice MATCHING frames with matting, and blow up a couple of classy black and white photos of you together.

Or, If you are married, you can hang artwork commemorative of your wedding day. Carefully choosing and placing key pieces of art can really transform your space and make it a stylish home.

#4 Fitting Two Apartments Worth Of Stuff Into One

Storage is probably the most important thing to consider when moving in together. Trying to fit two apartments worth of stuff into one apartment can be a challenge. Beyond going through all of your things and minimizing where you can, it is important to make sure you have storage solutions so you can cut out some clutter. Functional furniture is a great way to incorporate storage into already-existing pieces in your space.

For example, you’re going to have a coffee table anyway. Why not have a coffee table that also has built-in drawers and storage bins so you can double up on the function of the piece?

#5 Add Specific Colors In At Least Three Areas

For a cohesive look when you are bringing together items from two households s a couple, pick one or two colors you love (max) and incorporate them in at least three places to make the colors stand out as an obvious theme and decor throughout the space. Using more than two colors can look chaotic and messy for non-pros.

#6 What Makes Good Design?

Over decades in design, we have worked with couples new, old and in between.

Some things are universal:

Understand that good design is a harmonious blend of form and function that reflects your life story.
It depends on balance, proportion, color, texture, shape, and lighting.
The clearer picture you have of what you want, the more likely you are to achieve that décor.
For new couples specifically:

Be honest with each other, and share what you really like and do not like in décor.
It is easier to create great décor in a new look than to try to blend your old, separate styles.
Look at magazines, showrooms, open houses, TV shows, etc. and try to agree on a look that you both like. Try to understand why you like that look. Then use those design elements to create your own special space.
Part of being a strong couple is appreciating each other’s strengths and helping each other to overcome weaknesses. The same is true is creating a mutual living space. Be willing to find common ground that reflects the love and life you are sharing.
Do not get wound up and defensive. Chances are that in 20 years you will look back and wonder what the heck you were thinking of buying whatever.
Stay on budget. Over time you can find amazing bargains in great design at resale shops, consignment stores, yard sales, etc.
It is better to have a room that is half empty than one full of tasteless crap. Give yourselves time to develop a style and to find design elements you love at a price you can afford.
Look for quality of materials, design, and workmanship in everything you buy.

#7 Use Bigger But Fewer Furnishings to Declutter

When couples move in together the most common complaint we hear is that there’s not enough space. With some clever interior design, you can make the space feel much larger. My favorite trick is to use bigger, but fewer furnishings. For example, instead of having 2 separate dressers in your bedroom consider purchasing one large dresser that can fit both of your belongings. This will make the space less cluttered and appear more spacious.

#8 Consistent Design Matters

Now that you are combining things with your significant other, focus on keeping items that have a consistent design. This tones down the style of your home and make’s it appear less busy and more organized. Nothing feels more untidy than coming home to a living area that feels like the back room of a thrift shop.

#9 Keeping Your Walls Beautiful…

When my husband and I moved in together 11 years ago we were fighting over decorating our walls. We put way too many holes in the wall and we were frustrated that we had to start over.

#10 Add Some Personality…

A Cuckoo clock can add a lot of fun to your home.

We had a call with them asking their experience shopping with us. They told us that they really loved the clock – it ‘coo coos’ on every hour. They’re expecting a newborn very soon, so they were hoping that the cuckoo clock will add some fun to their family.

#11 Reduce The Duplicates

When you move in with someone, it’s common to have two of quite a few things. After all, chances are, you both have been living your life independently until now. Go through all of your things and try to purge the duplicates or any unnecessary extra items you may have.

You can use large plastic bins to store the extras if you think you may need them again or to store holiday items that you only need once a year or so.

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