How to Achieve a Sexy Interior Design

We can all agree that people find various things attractive and sexy. These hot things can vary from certain kinds of music to different parts of the human body (e.g., feet). Even though people have different tastes and wishes, some things are just universal. A unique seductive design full of details, bathed in alluring shades will evoke similar feelings in most people.

Unfortunately, talent and taste aren’t present in all of us — not everyone can be successful in redecorating an apartment on their own. Sure, you can always pay someone to decorate your place for you, but that would cost an additional fortune. Therefore, why not accept a couple of decor ideas we’re willing to offer and apply them to your master bedroom? After all, our ideas might prove to make all the difference when it comes to making your little sex haven.

Red Is Sexy

Every color evokes a certain type of feeling in us — we could talk about it for days. But when it comes to sex and lust, we can all agree that red has that special spot in our dirty little hearts. It’s simply sexy, mysterious, and full of life. It can symbolize all sorts of things — royals use crimson red to show their status — but in reality, it just turns people on whenever they see it.

Scientifically speaking, men particularly love the color of blood. Their primal instinct automatically turns on when they see it. Of course, that’s not enough for them to start thinking about sex, but subconsciously, their minds will be working on sending signals to their body in case a certain situation arises. Therefore, employing red for your sex room decor is a must if you want to help yourself or your partner feel more passion.

… And So Is Black

Black is always elegant and in fashion, right? Well, there’s a reason why people enjoy using it for all sorts of dresses and other clothes. Again, like red, it has a certain mysterious quality to it. Also, it’s easy to mix with any other shade, making it perfect for your red room.

High heels, leather, BDSM gear — they all come in black. Of course, you can find them in any color you want, but in most cases, they’re dark. It’s maybe not ideal for living room designs, but when it comes to bedroom ideas… well… it’s going to work quite well.

And yes, you want to add some color so that your room doesn’t feel like a cave. But that’s the magic of black, you know. It can work with any other shade you are willing to place inside your house. Best of all, combining it with red will make your bedroom a sex dungeon the kinkiest couples would be jealous of.

Lighting, Lighting, Lighting

Since we’re talking sex, lust, and perversions here, intimacy is pretty important if you’re going to make your bedroom unique. If you want to get there, you’ll need to choose your lighting carefully. For example, in case you opt for too bright lights — you might end up looking like a billboard, and that’s not what you want for your bedroom. You need something more interesting, dim, and mysterious, e.g., some warm lamp lights.

Getting some dim red lights, for example, will help you smooth down the atmosphere. Also, if you can manage to get lights whose intensity you can adjust, you’ll improve your room even more. Your partner will be amazed by your interior decor ideas and in the mood to get down with you in no time.


It’s not uncommon to associate leather with intercourse. After all, most sex toys and gear are made from animal skin. Can you imagine a dominatrix without long leather boots, a black corset, holding a leather whip? Well, yeah, leather is a must for any BDSM couple.

In all honesty, it’s just good-looking, and it feels great. The sensation of some quality leather on bare skin is one of the best feelings out there. Therefore, adding furniture made of animal skin, possibly in black or crimson red, will make your place look rather erotic for most people. Also, the seriousness of it all will mix well with dirty thoughts and desires.

Human behavior changes quickly in response to its surroundings. So in case you’re surrounded by tons of things you associate with something sexy, your mind is going to apply that to your gestures and body language. Home interior design can do wonders on our psyche and mood — it’s an art form meant to enrich our lives.

Leverage the View

Okay, we’re now venturing into rather expensive territory, so be warned. You know how all those Hollywood Hills houses and apartments boast grand, mouthwatering views of the city lights at night. Well, it’s not all for the show. These tall glass windows work wonders when it comes to seduction and dirty sex.

Just like in Brian De Palma’s ’80s classic, Body Double, the city panorama is full of surprises, waiting for you to discover them. And no, you won’t get in trouble like the movie’s protagonist for seeing something you’re not meant to. You’ll help your guests feel like it’s time for some kinky sex, naked in front of the whole city, forest, or ocean.

Animal Print Decor

Even if some people find animal prints tasteless, when applied with care — they’ll certainly make your home look cool and erotic. The thing is, they’re symbols of power and conquest; hence you (the owner) will present yourself as such. You’ll make your guests potential prey, and they’ll like it very much.

And no, we’re not suggesting you go all Harvey Weinstein on them. We’re simply saying that animal print can help you appear more powerful than you really are. Again, it’s a symbol of status that will leave a lasting impression on your partners, making you the big boss. So think about getting some cool furniture, carpet, or even a stuffed animal.

Add Some Art

A fine piece of art will trigger strong emotions, no matter how artistically inclined you are. You can be a caveman for all we know, but once you see a great piece on the wall — your heart will explode. If this art comes off as something sexy and erotic, your body will react. And no, we’re not talking about pornography — we’re thinking something more tasteful.

Aside from displaying perfect examples of hot bodies on your walls, you can go abstract or surreal too. Something more free and open to interpretation can be your conversation starter. You can use it as a way of starting an erotic narrative with your guests. Considering that some people find art itself a turn on, you’re guaranteed to have fun with your collection whenever you have guests around.

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