Top 7 Finger Vibrators to sizzle your solo time

Solo masturbation is fun and relaxing. But, not always- at times, you might have wanted to savor the fun without too much of leg work. Say you come back home after a busy tiring day and all you need now is some truly mindblowing orgasm to rejuvenate yourself. But, then, you are too bogged down to do everything yourself. Sometimes, holding the toy itself seems to be a burden. Well, don’t worry, you are not alone here. A lot of women have wished for the same at times. The good thing is the vibrator industry was all ears about it. And those smart guys over there have come up with a very handy solution in the form of a finger vibrator.

As the name says, finger vibrators are tiny vibrating devices that are worn in the fingers. Some of them area really small and you have to slip them in like a ring. But, you will also find slightly larger ones that are meant to wear over your index finger so that you can enjoy powerful buzzy vibes during vibration. The best part is, these finger vibrators will let you enjoy a powerful buzz easily without you having to hold a big vibrator. Finger vibrators are small, lightweight and a breeze to hold.

Are you too contemplating to gift yourself a finger vibrator? Well, the post below offers a brief on some of the best finger vibrators you will find in the market today.

Ridged Finger Vibrator

You will have to wear it on your index finger and then as you take your finger down under, the toy would do everything to charge you up. You won’t really need to use your finger here other than for wearing the vibrator. Don’t go by its tiny size; this ring vibrator packs quite a punch with its 10 various vibration modes. If you love experimentation with different vibration patterns, this is a handy toy for you. Its ridged texture is pure charm and would add some extra edge to your solo fun sessions.

Ring-style Coco Licious Vibrator

This lovely pink rose finger vibrator sits pretty as a ring on your ring finger. But, it has more to do than just posing pretty. This lovely ring vibrator is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to amaze you with strong bursts of powerful orgasm. Mention must be made of its textured body that assures some truly mindblowing stimulation. Moreover, thanks to its discreet look, you can sport the toy happily on your finger when you will go out.

G-spot Touch Vibrator

G-spot stimulation is slightly tricky but can reward you with that dream earth-shattering orgasms if done right. If you are craving for that awesome level of stimulation in your sweet spot, this handy vibrator will be everything for you. Intelligently curved, this pointed vibrator is essentially meant to target your g-spot bang on and stimulate it like a boss. The toy sports 5” insertable length which makes it a great piece for the beginners. In regards to vibration patterns, there are as many as 7 styles to choose from.

Passion Pointer by Too Timid

The most interesting aspect of the toy is surely its two kinds of interchangeable sleeves. One is nubbed while the other is ribbed, offering you the freedom to use the sleeves interchangeably as per your moods. If you need softer stimulation, go for the nubbed one. On the other hand, the ribbed textures a strong hard-core stimulation.

Bunny Finger Vibrator

Shaped as a cute bunny, this finger vibrator is one of the best finger vibrators ever. Its soft thanks to its silicone build which makes it extremely comfortable for your delicate regions. The toy fits snugly on fingers like a dream and rewards users with a passionate session of incredible clit stimulation. And of course, you will love its bright magenta shade and those fun bunny ears which will work great to caress the labia.

Jopen Key Finger Vibrator

If you are looking for the top-rated whisper-quiet and powerful finger vibrator, look no further. this Pyxis finger vibe comes with a mighty noiseless motor that will make your night with an incredible buzz down under- yet without any unwanted noise. Compact in size, the vibrator is also handy to hold and carry anywhere. In regards to vibration patterns, you will be able to play with 5 different kinds of pulse patterns. Moreover, the toy is entirely made of silicone and promises a body-safe and hypoallergenic product.

BASICS Finger Vibe

This Lovehoney finger vibe toy is a perfect starting point for beginners. It’s easy to use and promises a mindblowing clit stimulation. You have a basic toy here which won’t run for hours. It will work for 30 minutes on single charge but those 30 minutes will be some of the most memorable moments of your life.

Final words

So, here you have quite a long roster of finger vibrators to go for. Winding up, we will part with some expert tips on safe shopping and usage of your finger vibrator.

First, always check the reviews and rating of a vibrator before you buy it. It’s better not to buy the latest models that were released just a few days back. You won’t get a good amount of reviews on them that are needed for an informed decision. Go for a one that commands rave reviews and a long list of happy customers. Try to look for silicone toys as they are comfortable, durable and also body-safe. It would be better if your chosen toy comes with minimum 1 year warranty. LG has received great reviews because of their amazing products, so make sure to check them out.

Be careful with the usage and storage of the toy. If this is your first time, always start with the lowest setting. Once your body gets comfortable with it, you can gradually move to higher intensities. If you want to use the toy in shower, make sure it’s a waterproof vibrator. Always clean and sterilize your vibrator with a good adult toy cleaner before and after every use. As you would be wearing them on or around your finger, do wash your hands carefully. Store the toy in a clean pouch and place it in a dry place.


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