Setting up Your Bedroom for Better Sex

Did you know that your personal space can influence your behavior and mood? When it comes to personal space and sex, your bedroom is likely the most crucial part of your home. But if you’re lazy or messy, your partner could have a problem with an untidy and stuffy bedroom. And if your pets are constantly intruding during sex, your partner could get freaked out; the same applies if they notice the creepy family photos that you keep above the nightstand.

So if you want to do some redecorating, check our sex room ideas. With a few tricks, you can perform some much-needed sexual Feng Shui and turn your bedroom into the ultimate sex cave. Check out these tips for setting up your bedroom for better sex!

Eliminate Distractions

When it comes to intimate moments, they offer you a chance to let go and give in to some intense sexual pleasure. But if your space is filled with distractions or your sex room is messy and untidy, you and your partner may not have the best time. That’s why it’s essential to keep your space clean. Without distractions and disturbances, you can focus on what matters and improve your sex life.

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You should always have fresh bedsheets, for instance. Try to get rid of any furniture or items that may get in the way. And move that ancient portrait of your grandpa to another room where it won’t be a distraction to your partner’s orgasms. What’s more, invest in some sensual decorations and eliminate clutter.

You can also weed out interruptions by turning off the lights or using thick curtains on your windows. Ideally, you should leave your phone as far away as possible and set it on silent. That is crucial because your phone will undoubtedly interfere with your erotic experiments at the most inconvenient moment.

Find the Right Temperature

Did you know that lower room temperature can enhance sex? If you set it below 67°F or around 19°C, yours and your partner’s bodies will be able to relax. This temperature will also boost your response during sexy times.

For example, heat can make women feel tired and sleepy. Alternatively, colder temperatures are much more potent for men because they can help them maintain erections much longer. If the temperature we’ve suggested is too cold, remember that you’ll quickly warm up once the sex begins. A cooler room can also enhance the quality of your sleep, especially after a wild night.

So always keep a close eye on your temperature gauge before sex. Also, remember to keep the room fresh and air it out frequently. No one likes a stuffy and dusty bedroom, no matter how good you are at sex. Appropriate temperature and a clean room will not be a nuisance, and they will allow you to focus on your orgasms fully.

Stock Up on Essentials

Fumbling about and trying to find and open that last pack of condoms in the dark with a raging hard-on can be incredibly frustrating. It’s much better to stock up on all sorts of sex supplies. That way, you won’t have to worry about running out of condoms, lubricant, or even batteries for your sex toys.

The smartest thing to do here is to go shopping and fill your nightstand with lots of essentials. Have a chat with your partner and see what sort of lubricants or condoms they like the best. Another fantastic sex tip is to buy some oils and candles.

Oils can work wonders for foreplay, especially if you’re planning to give your partner a sexy massage. You can use oils like coconut, juniper, lavender, etc. Essential oils can also produce calming or energizing smells. They can awaken your sense of smell and get you excited about sex. Additionally, fresh flowers, incense, or scented candles are incredibly effective. They will allow you to set the mood and create a romantic and intimate atmosphere.

Invest in a Quality Mattress and Sheets

If you have a wonky bed that squeaks at even the slightest movements, it will undoubtedly mess with your focus. Plus, it simply doesn’t feel sexy, and it’s something that mature adults should never have to deal with.

So get a comfy and large bed that will be stable and inviting. Also, consider its placement in the room — find a spot that will give you the most space. That will make it easy to try all sorts of sex positions.

Moreover, we’ve already mentioned the importance of fresh and clean bedsheets. However, you should also think about their materials. Use silky sheets with a high thread count. They will feel softer on the skin. Also, avoid bright colors or entirely white sheets. The reason is pretty apparent here: they will collect all sorts of stains from bodily fluids. Generally, darker shades are better because they are the most relaxing and can look sensual.

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Get Your Sex Toys Within Reach

As we’ve said earlier, don’t be afraid to stock up on the essentials, including sex toys.

Adult toys can help men and women take their love life to the next level. Ultimately, they can enhance your and your partner’s orgasms and just make everything feel more naughty and fun. They are excellent for roleplay, masturbation, foreplay, and all sorts of kinky activities.

But even if you have a secret chest full of dildos, butt plugs, vibrators, and naughty BDSM gear, it will be useless you can reach it in time. So always keep your toys nearby. You should store them close to your bed but somewhere subtle so that your guests don’t see them. Choose a drawer on your nightstand or put them in a box under your bed. You can store most toys in cloth or dust bags, and many will already include those bags with the product.


As you can see, redecorating your old room into a sexy palace is pretty straightforward. Just follow our tips, and your partner will never want to leave! Good luck!

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