An Introduction to Sex Furniture

If you’re tired of looking into specific furniture design that will help spice up your sex life, don’t worry — all you need is some quality sex furniture.

The name gives away its purpose, but that doesn’t mean that purpose is going to be apparent. Sometimes, you’re able to hide these items in plain sight. You don’t even have to move them when your mother comes to visit.

So let us teach you how it’s done.

What You Need to Know

If you’re looking to add some sex furniture into your life, you’re in luck because doing that is easy.

All houses need at least one fuck bench, wouldn’t you agree? Any piece of sex furniture will do you good, and you won’t know that for sure until you try it.

You can hide this furniture in plain sight or create your own sex room. However, these rooms don’t need to look like torture rooms or dungeons, so don’t worry. Whether you want to spice up your living room or create a fuck room, here’s a list of items to look into.

Sex Pillows

Many positions we want to achieve are sometimes just too difficult to manage. We know you’ve tried everything from using other pieces of furniture to help you sustain a position to trusting your own body to hold you up (we know that never works). We’re here to tell you that a sex pillow is all you need.

Sex pillows are sturdy cushions of various shapes, sizes, and colors, which ensures they blend into any room seamlessly. They’re there to help keep your pelvis lifted or just make certain positions more comfortable for both parties.

To an inexperienced eye, these pillows look like they’re there to help you relax or do a tricky workout. Well, both of those are technically true. But keeping a pillow like this around will help you with much more than just relaxation. It will definitely replace whatever you’ve been using before this baby.

Sex Stools

Who doesn’t love a good stool? A simple stool that will stand out in your space can completely transform it. Plus, you can use it for sitting or resting your feet. They’re definitely multi-purpose. But how about a stool designed for sexy times? We bet you’d like one of those.

Sex stools are an incredible invention if you have weak knees. How? Some positions require strong legs, and not all of us have that. If you enjoy being on top or exploring new positions, a sex stool is a must.

Whether you’ll put it in your sex room or any other room, it will fit right in. They’re not only suitable for sitting positions though. Sex stools can support your whole body, any way you choose to lean onto them.

Don’t miss out on shower sex stools either. If anyone asks — you simply love to sit while showering, wink wink.

Sex Bench

Benches are a piece of furniture that doesn’t just belong in parks. They’re lovely for any patio and even your indoor space. Sex benches are no different. Well, maybe a little different since we don’t recommend putting them on patios.

Some sex benches look very hardcore and should be for your sex room only. They’re a piece of furniture that you can’t explain to others so easily, especially not when you put them in your living room. They have straps that will allow for more stability as well.

This leathery piece of furniture should be a staple for every fuck room. Maybe you can pass it as a piece of workout equipment, but we doubt many will believe you. Besides, steamy sex does count as a pretty good workout in our books, so you wouldn’t be lying too much.

Sex Chair

This is the type of sex furniture that will fit into almost every style and every room. They come in sleek and modern designs as well as some funky and playful ones.

Think of sex chairs as a modern curvy chaise lounge. In fact, think of tantra chairs. Not only are they amazing in supporting you when trying different sex positions, but they’re actually quite comfortable for relaxing as well.

This is a piece of sex furniture that you cannot go wrong with. You can hide it in plain sight by putting it in literally any room you like. If you enjoy having sex on it, make sure you thoroughly clean it every time before you let your guests relax on it. Sure, they might not know what happens there when they’re not around, but you do.

Queening chairs, however, are best kept in your sex room only.

Sex Bed

When you think about it, what makes a bed turn into a sex bed? Well, we’d say merely having sex on it. That means any bed can have the “sex bed” title. However, you can still customize it to your liking and add features that no other bed has.

Whether you’re building a sex room or a regular bedroom, you need a comfy bed. When it comes to having a sex room, you can choose what you want everything to look like freely because not many people are going to see it. That means you can select a bondage bed or a cage bed.

In regular bedrooms, you need to put a bit more effort. Take a standard bed that you like and add some bondage to it or even hide adult toys in plain sight. That way, they’re easily accessible, and you don’t have to explain yourself to curious people.

Sex Swings

Sex swings come in many shapes and sizes, so to speak. They come in a variety of types, so you can choose based on what you find the most convenient. They can hang from the ceiling, a unique sex swing stand, or even any door that’s sturdy enough to handle the weight put on it.

However, hiding sex swings in plain sight isn’t so easy. Of course, you can always fool people that have never seen them before. You can make up so many purposes for the apparent sex swing hanging in the corner of your living room.

If you’re putting it in a sex room, again, this isn’t something to worry about. Just choose whichever swing is the easiest for you to set up and use. You can set up a sex swing stand, attach something else to it, such as a flower pot, and swap it for the swing whenever you need it. The possibilities are endless — you just need to be creative.

Sex Gliders

When it comes to sex gliders, the principles that apply to sex chairs, apply to this machine as well. It’s easy to put them anywhere in any room, as long as the sex toy isn’t attached. That kind of makes it obvious what you use it for.

A sex glider is an incredible machine that doesn’t need any batteries or electricity. You control it with your own body movements. It’s padded, which means more support for your body, and it’s comfortable to use too. They can be quite close to the ground, which means you get to work out your legs.

Of course, they too come in a variety of types. Some of them look like hollow foldable chairs, which can add a funky design to any room. Plus, you get to use it to your best ability when there’s nobody around. It sounds like a win to us.


Setting up a regular room filled with sex furniture has never been easier. Many of our favorites come in a wide range of styles and designs, which allows you to fit them into any space you desire.

Most sex furniture isn’t bulky or heavy. That means you can move it whenever you have unwanted guests, or you want to take your sexy adventures elsewhere. Don’t miss out on these beautiful furniture pieces.

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